Friday, September 2, 2011

So Busy!

I must admit to seriously slacking on birding this week. It's not a lack of interest thing, the end of August/September always picks up for me, even if I'm no longer in college. While summer is winding down and other people are getting ready for fall, my tempo picks up massively. Outside of training to become a transcriptionist (which I've had a blast with so far), putting things in motion to transfer my other job back up to my county (and working at it), getting Southern Adirondack Audubon all set up on Facebook, and seriously mowing through this fantastic cooking book I found, I simply have been distracted.

A Carolina wren has still been sticking around, although not as frequently singing in the early mornings, at least not so close to the window that he wakes me up. A downy woodpecker only shows up if fresh suet is put outside, and it tends to be gone within 24 hours. Those two black-capped chickadees I watched during Irene are still around, still perching in the ugly dying lilac bush and visiting the seed feeder regularly. Today I was surprised when I walked out to the porch to see a pudgy beady-eyed tufted titmouse perched on it. They are one of my absolute favorite birds of all time, so I was excited, but we also seem to never have them at the feeder! The bird could have been migrating through, or is maybe here to stick around during the colder months. Either way, it is welcome to stay.

I've also taken joy into watching the ring-billed gulls that are always foraging the Saratoga Hannaford parking lot. That store sells a lot of breads in packages without securely closing tops so there are always crumbs for them. Other food items get dropped by kids. One day I watched as one gull wolfed down about twenty pieces of popcorn in only a few minutes. I was jealous. I noticed they will also watch me and come near (but not extremely close) when I'm on break, much to my amusement, but I tend to finish all of my snacks. Today was a bit creepy though, one gull was blatantly tilting its head to stare down at me, and when I walked to the other side of the lamp post it was on, I realized it had changed position so it could stare down at me from a better angle. Just a bit creepy...

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