Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I must admit that I won't be birding this weekend for the most part, if at all, all due to Hurricane Irene making her way up the coast. We also had a separate system affecting us today; I intended on going to Betar Byway, but sporadic rainstorms would sneak in as soon as I'd get ready to leave. I watched the chickadees in the huge pine in the neighbor's yard and listened to the blue jays screeching and begging (maybe there are juveniles too), and the white-breasted nuthatch visited briefly. So for now it's just waiting and watching. The storm tracker makes it look like we're getting something between a Cat 1 and a tropical storm this weekend, though I know that those things change frequently.

I'm not completely knowledgeable on how huge weather systems affect migrating birds, but I can imagine that plenty will get blown off course somewhere.

I also forgot to mention that the Carolina wren that has continually been here was extremely loud at 6:40 AM yesterday morning. With the crows soon cawing in, my guess was something was alarming them all. The wren alternated between an alarm clock version of the teakettle song and a loud trilling purr for about ten minutes. When I awoke again around 9 AM, he was quiet.

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