Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sporadic Birds

I have not done any solid birding since last post, but I always keep my eyes open. This winter has been a strange one in the Northeast - lack of plenty of snowfall, bitterly cold temperatures, and apparently no major irruptions of any species. I have not even seen a snowy owl this year (I usually see them at some point along Tripoli Road in Washington County). And the feeders are eerily quiet compared to last year with the massive exodus of pine siskin. It makes winter feel a little bit lonely.

I have seen all over Warren County some fairly solitary crows (though in fairly moderate numbers) waddling on top of the short snowbanks, looking for whatever food they can find. They also love roadsides as plows shove any food items to the side; I have seen plenty of crows with what look to be bits of baked goods.

Drives along Quaker Road have spots of rock doves (pigeons) resting plumply on the wires over the stoplights. Not many people like those birds, but I get a chuckle from seeing how round and large they are, sitting on a tiny line in the sky.

I also haven't seen many goldfinches this year, but spotted a bright yellow male flying around. Despite that they stick around in winter, I still think of them as a summer bird.

A mockingbird flew closely to my windshield while I was going 55 mph this week. I am not sure how it maneuvered in such a way to be completely missed by inches, but I got a nice view of the spread black and white undertail.

A single pileated woodpecker called from the woods by Aviation Road while I was at the Aviation Mall earlier this week, parked near Target. It called louder and louder the closer a solitary man walked to the thin corridor of trees by Friendly's.

I've been quite happy to watch the sun set slightly later and later in the afternoon. It seems like spring is so far off, but maybe I will get an early sighting of a bluebird in the next month or two, coming out of the deeper woods, it's winter home in the Northeast.


Woodswalker said...

I'm glad to know it's not just MY birdfeeders that seem a little forlorn this winter. Downy woodpeckers, English sparrows, a few chickadees, and that's it! Where are the titmice, the finches of all kinds, the nuthatches, the cardinals? My feeders stay full all week.

Lindsey said...

My feeders have been so quiet, not even the usual male downy is visiting! All I've been getting is a tiny (half the size of the typical adult, probably a juvenile, and sometimes I wonder if it's the one I saved from a sure drowning death) chickadee who sits right by the window while pecking open seeds...the weirdest thing is that our typical winter birds are missing, makes me wonder if they are easily finding food in the woods. I'm guessing wild food is great this winter, considering that there were no irruptions from more northern species, meaning their food sources thrived this past summer/fall. I just miss them all.