Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I certainly need to keep up with ebird, I just put in 2 months worth of birding data and it took me maybe 6 hours. It doesn't help that using ebird is actually rather time consuming itself. Just figuring out the mileage of the trips I take alone takes a lot of work. But it is still fun. Ebird organizes lists for you (though I can't say the lifelist for me is accurate because I did not have actual data for a few species from my past).

The best thing I looked at on there was seeing that for Warren County I am ranked #1 both by species and by completed checklists. Not for the competition, but because birders seemingly don't pay much attention to this county as nearby ones. I had 63 species for this county, making up 63% of the total, and 30 checklists (ebird has not even yet updated all the input of data I did today). Below me is someone with 16 checklists, one with 9, two with 7, and a bunch of 1's.

I was also ranked #1 for Washington County for number of checklists, at 40, and ranked #4 by number of species (making up 31% of the species for this county).

Saratoga County seems to be much more heavily birded, and I've done my fair share there, but only came in at #5 for checklists and #10 for species (making up 41% of the species for this county).

Fascinating! I often wonder who the other birders are with the high numbers, and if they have passed by me quietly without me noticing that they are fellow birders.

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Woodswalker said...

It doesn't surprise me one bit that you are the #1 birder in Warren County. If you would join Nature Blog Network, maybe you'd find out who the other birders are (don't the folks at Backyard Birds know?).