Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to Albany

Well I had a full day today! I made a trip down to Albany, beginning at 5 AM (I drove 1 hr 15 mins down with very little traffic), finished down there around 5 PM, and made it back up at 6:30 PM (traffic was not so nice back up, I got stuck in a traffic jam between exits 4 and 8). If you're wondering what I was up to, I took part in a not-so-mock jury trial to discuss a real case that apparently has yet to be resolved. It was absolutely interesting, I had fun, thought the judge was awesome. And that is all I can say about it (confidentiality agreement document and all). And yes, I got paid. Also, the hotel it was at makes the best sandwiches I have ever wolfed down in my life.

So, birding at 73 mph is a little difficult, especially when it's between 5 and 6:30 AM, as the sun isn't really 'up' yet. There looked like some possible migrants over the Northway, little flocks of songbirds. I also recognized a duck, and a few crows. What was interesting was that all these birds were flying from east to west, away from the morning sun. I do not know why. Also, nature photographers who like to get misty scenes must get up before dawn, because the whole drive down was unbelievably beautiful. There was a low mist the entire way, and for those who haven't driven down the Northway, the highway actually does have some 'nature' on the sides of it. Lots of trees up north, and then more wetland/marshy habitat with less forest to the south before getting to the city. The city just...awful. Something about most of Albany eats me up inside, except for the pine bush, which I love. The only birds I saw in the city today were more crows.

And that was my day!

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