Friday, August 7, 2009

Lyme V 2.0

I had a doctor's visit today. I mentioned nothing about Lyme right off, and as soon as I listed all the symptoms, I could see his face turn to intense concern, and immediately he mentioned Lyme Disease. I was impressed, after hearing so many horror stories of oblivious docs, but then again mine has always been awesome and very intelligent (and kind and funny). He seemed even more concerned when even he couldn't find any rash and found out I had full-blown nasty Lyme complete with the bulls-eye last summer. Maybe he was thinking, "Crap, I hope that is not chronic Lyme rather than a new bite's problem," just as I've worried about. And he knew all about the CNS symptoms, and mentioned Bell's Palsy. Plus, my doctor is an avid hiker - he too is at high risk, and he was worried for himself as well. I feel a lot more at ease (well, as much as one can while feeling crappy), and have acquired multiple-weeks-worth of doxycycline, hooray!

I found a potential birding spot the other day, though it is a bit of a drive. I'm not exposing the location right yet, as I want to scope it out first. It's in an extremely quiet spot, and my car was the only one there, so I'm hoping it's not nearly as busy as, say, the Betar Byway. However, sometimes wooded areas aren't as great for birding, so we'll see. If I feel well enough, I might use this weekend to make some drives to areas further out to bird.

More goldfinches are finding increased comfort levels at the feeders. Some chickadees sat mere feet away from me today in the lilacs, calling their alarm calls and making noises that made me imagine I could squeeze them like dog toys. The house wren had been mostly quiet today, except to come out of the box and make the dry rattle at a common grackle who had been at the feeders. The grackle stood still for a moment, then seemed spooked and flew off. The blue jays have been all over the yard, making all sorts of calls, and trying to stay away from the grackle.

I started reading this book 'Life List' written by Olivia Gentile, about the late birder Phoebe Snetsinger. I'm already utterly fascinated. If you're at all a birder with a passion for birds, try to find yourself a copy. You'll immediately recognize the sudden obsession with birds, the passion, and the desire she had to see more.

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