Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Intense Sleepiness Not Helpful for Birder Attention

I have received little sleep in the past few days, but what sleep I do receive, the birds visit me even there. A belted kingfisher has made himself visible to me on both nights, darker in my dreams than in real life...head almost black. Cardinals are coming now. Fall is upon us, even in my sleep. You should have seen how brightly the stars shown in the universe when I looked up from a street while talking to ethereal friends. I had on a sweater, so I know it was cold.

I noticed a bright breeding male American goldfinch sitting on the edge of the road today, not at all afraid of my car. They are bold little guys. The house sparrows that visit around my workplace around 12:30 PM are a bit more shy. I sat out today, enjoying the cooler weather. I could still use a good storm, as it has dawned upon me that we really received very few severe ones all summer, but I prefer this weather, cinnamon candles and Macintosh apples are not far away.

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