Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yellow Warbler movement Pt 2

Tonight (July 27) I noticed more movement from Yellow Warblers. At 8:15 PM at the Queensbury K-Mart parking lot I heard one calling from one of the small trees planted near the edge! This is not a usual spot for them, though apparently a Common Yellowthroat did breed here this spring as I frequently heard one of them calling there. But it is a parking lot home to many Ring-billed Gulls (in all stages of their lives) and plenty of House Sparrows. Gulls were nowhere to be seen that late at night tonight, but the House Sparrows were having a party, apparently. I also noted the abundance of House Sparrows in the Queensbury Wal-Mart parking lot this morning around 10:15 AM. Also at K-Mart tonight was a Red-winged Blackbird calling further in the distance, and a very noisy Northern Cardinal.

If anyone wonders why I seem to get such a strange mix of birds or wonders why so many wetland birds are seen or heard so close to mass market stores, it's because all of them were built in a marshy wetland area. Cattails are abundant on roadsides here.

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