Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, Is It Hot Out There

Upstate New York finally has summer, my least favorite season, believe it or not. The humidity is why, and it is intense now.

This morning around 9:45 AM I heard a Red-eyed Vireo calling across from the West Fort Ann house. It is probably not a resident bird, I rarely hear vireos around the house, so it struck me as odd that I would hear, "Here I am, in the tree, look up, at the top" while getting in my car. It may have just been passing through, movement is occurring now as fall migration begins, but I also noticed all this summer that this location would occasionally get an errant bird for whatever reason. This breeding season we had that Black-throated Green Warbler calling all day long, for one day, never to be heard again. Weird...

Last night I realized that if I lived to 75 years of age, I'd have 50 years of birding under my belt. How exciting! :)

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