Saturday, July 25, 2009

Common Raven

Do Common Ravens perch on telephone wires? Once in awhile I find a blog, a forum, or even a bird field guide that has a comment under certain species stating that said bird does not typically perch on manmade structures such as phone wires. I have yet to see this statement regarding ravens. However, in my experience, ravens tend to be rather shy, retiring to the woods upon seeing you, and perching on snags/dead trees.

However, I've also spent many, many hours watching and studying the morphology of the American Crow. They are a common bird, and some of the best advice I've heard and taken from a fellow birder was to learn your common birds in and out so that when something less common comes along, you'll easily spot it. Wise words. They certainly came in handy today.

Driving along County Line Road in Queensbury, I saw a rather enormous deeply black bird sitting on a telephone wire across from AngioDynamics. Too big to be a crow, I kept an eye on it as I passed by. It looked rather humourous, such an enormous, plump bird sitting on such a thin wire. The shag hanging from it's throat was impressive! It just seemed such an odd spot for a raven. But then again, this spring and summer have been lessons in learning that birds are rapidly being displaced from their habitats and are attempting to adapt to the damage that humans keep doing. AngioDynamics was built in an area with a wetland or two (or more) and has resident Killdeer, which is also a rather rare and strange location for them to be in now, but they are certainly there. I'm not sure if they are there this month, but go stand in the parking lot next late spring - within 5 minutes I can bet Mr. or Mrs. Killdeer will come running along, yelling at you to get off it's territory.

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