Tuesday, July 28, 2009

90 Degrees

That is what the digital thermometer read around 1 PM today! The humidity gives it a tropical rainforest feel. I really don't know why the Yellow Warblers leave during the hottest months in the Northeast, this seems to be their weather.

This unfortunately pushes me indoors a bit more than in spring, except to check on a few things, including some wildflowers around the yard. I did spot the House Wren peeking out of the hole in his/her nest box during mid-day (it's probably rather cool in there), and two Mourning Doves sitting on wires shaded by tall pines, cooing. The Red-eyed Vireo is still nearby. Male and female Goldfinches were feeding from every feeder possible, and refusing to disperse with my presence. Their cute little noisy conversations are most welcome. An American Robin was outside my window earlier, searching for worms. I also saw ol' bluecoat (the male Eastern Bluebird) a 10 minute walk down the road at a mini-golf park...he had been MIA for a week.

Right now I could use some October weather!

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