Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh hiya there

An update is coming quite soon. I had such a great birding/hiking day earlier at Moreau Lake. Twenty-nine species, all by my lonesome. One, the Prairie Warbler, is not even a common species in New York - the population is low, and declining here. I couldn't believe my ears - the song neatly goes up a scale of buzzy notes. It's quite interesting and if you have no chance of hearing one in real life, I suggest finding a sound clip.

I'm now paying in pain for my adventures. I climbed a mountain, through fields, over streams with wet rocks, boulders in grassy areas, and mud. I had a great sight at the overlook at top. I got poured on and hid in the understory near some deer for about 15 minutes. I ran all the way back down at nearly full speed, just for the joy, twisting my ankle (and apparently knee) in the process. And it was worth it. I saw an American toad, almost a dozen red efts, an Eastern garter snake, a possible brown snake, all sorts of fungus, and many unripe blueberries. And I didn't see another single person the entire time. I loved it.

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