Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15th - Liebig's Berries, Granville, NY

Another day where I didn't expect to bird, but got excited! This morning I went to Liebig's for strawberries. If you haven't gone out yet, this is the time to get them! They're delicious. My grandma and I did our annual sitting in the hay picking berries while periodically chatting about life and watching the clouds go by.

The strawberry field is loaded with Red-winged Blackbirds. They were flying all around us the entire time, calling. Also there:
- 1 American Crow
- 1 Eastern Wood-Pewee in the woods
- 1 Eastern Phoebe in the woods (grandma actually ID'd it first!)
- 2 Yellow Warblers! I could hear them singing 'Sweet sweet sweet I am so SWEET'
- 1 Common Yellowthroat! Singing a variation, 'Wichity wichity wichity' and only occasionally giving the 'wit' on the end.
- 4 Tree Swallows flying around us, staying silent
- 3 Mourning Doves (why am I seeing SO MANY lately?)
- 4 Song Sparrows
- 1 American Robin (poking around in the berries)
- 2 Chipping Sparrows

So awesome. We also spotted two Great Blue Herons flying near the rural roads on our way back out towards Hudson Falls. We also stopped at my grandma's house in Hudson Falls, and we spotted 1 Gray Catbird, 3 Black-capped Chickadees, and she had a singing House Wren come right up to her! I had to stifle a scream for glee. I've heard them calling all spring from a distance. This House Wren came right up like he/she is my grandma's best friend. It's possible that it is, as she said, "Oh, would you look at that!" Awww.

So yeah, AWOL Bluebirds at the WFA house. I missed them terribly. The female was impressing me the night of June 14th by having figured out that if she waits till dusk, the flagpole light will turn on and she can easily hunt all the insects she wants.

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