Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th - WFA House; Empty Nest Syndrome

I finally did a little bit of birding at home again. It feels like it's been awhile, though I do watch the birds at the feeders every single day. We've had a nesting pair of Chipping Sparrows (which fledged on the morning of June 13th), a nesting pair of Bluebirds (the baby seemed to still be in the nest box on June 14th but not a single Bluebird was spotted today, June 15th), and a nesting pair of American Robins (they fledged at some point in the morning of Sunday, June 14th). There are ALWAYS other American Robins who like to eat what seems like every earthworm in our front yard. Also, American Goldfinches frequent the yard daily to fight with each other, eat a ton of the bird seed, and to go nuts every time another species fledged. They're great fun to watch, and the males sit around making different calls much to my amusement. There's also a House Wren who calls every day, and an Eastern Wood-Pewee and an Eastern Phoebe that come around later in the day and call from a hidden tree. And the day that the yard did not get Black-capped Chickadees would be the day that I would be convinced a nuclear bomb must have destroyed all the wildlife and that death would be imminent.

I did actually bird on 6/14th at 11:25 AM:
- 2 Black-capped Chickadees
- 3 M, 2 F American Goldfinches, with one pair interacting (possible mating?)
- 1 American Crow (weird, because we rarely get them near the house)
- 1 Blue Jay
- 1 American Robin
- 1 House Wren
- 1 F Bluebird
- 2 Chipping Sparrows
- 1 White-breasted Nuthatch (a very welcome visitor/resident)

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