Thursday, June 18, 2009

American Robin Love

It appears that I forgot to mention hearing a Red-bellied Woodpecker at Ash Drive amongst all those others. I really had no idea what it was at the time, and only after listening through the Macaulay Library did I find it. Their call is so strange and nonbird-like that I used to chalk it up to some weird tree frog. It sounds not of this earth. You can only imagine the amount of surprise I felt to find out what it was, and I know that I have heard it at the Betar Byway earlier this year.

I was quite bummed all day. The Bluebirds have definitely left the yard. I don't even know if the little one actually fledged. The nest boxes have been taken down for cleansing, and I can assure you that the Bluebird box reeks so badly! At least a group of American Robins visited while I was weeding at dusk. They were right behind me when I turned around to see that they were there (within touching distance), and they just stood there and called a few times while I watched, but they didn't run away.

I also seem to have failed to mention the brief Rose-breasted Grosbeak feeder visitor earlier this week, and the trick a Blue Jay was pulling yesterday. I ran outside after hearing the teeee-yeeeeeeeee of the Broad-winged Hawk hoping to see one. I looked all over the place, seeing absolutely nothing, except for a lone Blue Jay hopping out of the woods. I had a good laugh.

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