Sunday, May 10, 2009

Warbler Week!

Ah, where have I been! May is busy yet again, even after having been out of college for awhile now. So odd.

It's also apparently a busy one for the warblers who are now migrating, and the ticks. The dreaded ticks. This blog is easily becoming about them just as much as the birds, and so be it, considering that they do often attach themselves to our feathered friends. They fill me with dread and they have been putting a damper on my birding, and they seem to be in full force in upstate NY this year. The fact that I had one crawling on my pants leg after a mere 5 minute walk through my West Fort Ann yard (it's partial woods) is a testament to that as I have never had to worry about them here before. Fortunately, the bites I have mentioned in this blog turned into no disease for me.

Anyway, so this week I was quite busy. But I still took the time on Wednesday, May 6, to visit Dave, the environmental educator at Moreau Lake, as I have a bird presentation coming up there for their Conservation Field Day, and I was curious as to the materials in the Nature Center. I'll spare the details, but while Dave and I chatted in that area of the park around 1 PM, we saw multiple birds, including a beautiful, quite tame Chipping Sparrow, an Eastern Phoebe (I know they are common but I get excited every time), and a Yellow-rumped Warbler spotted by Dave at first and then I helped figure out that it most likely was one. I was so incredibly excited to see one as it was my first time. The color contrast of dark gray/black-ish and bright yellow was stunning.

I haven't been noting down or actually doing any birding at the West Fort Ann house, but the usuals are around. The bluebird pair has been busy with their nest box and I like their hoarse little warbles when they spot me around. American Robins occasionally visit, and a Mourning Dove is usually here. Daily we have Black-capped Chickadees and American Goldfinches (the males now vivid yellow) and at least two Tufted Titmice. However, on Friday, May 8th, around 4 PM, I received quite a treat at this location - a Black-throated Green Warbler with it's distinct zee-zee-zee-zooo-ZEET call! It called for at least 2 hours, sometimes the only bird making any sound. He was impossible to find though. I don't mind, however, as the call itself didn't fail to amaze me.

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