Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too Tired For Full Update, But Amazing Day...

Oh how I have quite the update for all of you tomorrow! The Betar Byway is one of the most amazing birding adventures I have had thus far. Copulations abound (it is definitely spring), Red-wings are being very territorial now, a Great Blue Heron having a feast along a river not bothered by the fact that he's in clear view of the public, white domestic Mallards messing with my birdwatching, and tilting my head up to sniff the fragrant locust trees only to find they are full of Cedar Waxwings, passing back-and-forth the very petals of those flowers till one in the pair swallows it down or loses it in a gust of wind. Everywhere I turned on that Byway it seemed neverending with a different species doing something worth getting birder's neck for.

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