Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forgot To Mention

I wrote awhile ago that I saw two hawks fly overhead while I was in West Fort Ann, and that I couldn't quite ID them but they made distinct calls.

Well, I think I finally figured out what they were. Last Thursday I gave presentations about birds to groups of third graders at Moreau Lake State Park, and the park let me use these handy devices called IdentiFlyers. They come with various bird cards (and a bonus frog card!). You put a specific card in and press the buttons for the birds and it plays the calls. Well, hawks weren't a big part of my presentation and by sheer accident I hit the button for the Broad-winged Hawk. That call...I got tingles down my spine - I knew instantly that was the same call I heard from those hawks that day.

So there we have it. And it makes sense - I now don't recall who told me or where I was reading it, but I recall being told that they are a species that does breed up here.

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