Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unofficial Birding

I haven't had time to actually bird the past 2 days due to having to run errands and then work for 9.5 hours during my afternoon/evening/night, but I do pay attention to what's around here.

Both days I've spotted Red-winged Blackbirds in the Queensbury area flying over the car.
I've spotted what were likely two first year male Indigo Buntings, with the deep blue tail and very dark brown bodies. They were in different locations, one in Queensbury and the other at Hillbilly Fun in West Fort Ann.

Also, two gulls flying above Burger King in Queensbury (by the Aviation Mall). Unidentified.

An Eastern Phoebe singing near the house yesterday, sitting on the top branch in a deciduous tree (no leaves yet). I have never seen them here before, so that was a treat.

Also today at 12:40 PM, saw a Red-tailed Hawk soaring quietly overhead (low to the ground - there's a lot of food around here for them) at the house! I saw it twice, as I went for a little walk to see if it'd perch anywhere. It reminded me that I need to print out the neat raptors guide sent to me by Dave from Moreau Lake State Park.

Hopefully I will have time this weekend for some official bird counts! I'm planning a trip to Moreau Lake this weekend, and might hit up a few trails nearby as well.

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