Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oops, Already Behind!

Ah, so where was I. I'm a little behind, due to being busy with a bunch of things, both bird- and non-bird related. Time flies lately. Also, the weather conditions haven't been that great this week for birding, it's warming up but every day the winds cause a lack of birds.


Thursday, April 16th:
10:35 AM (10 mins), sunny, slight breeze, 50 degrees F at West Fort Ann, Hadlock Pond Rd
3 Pine Siskins at the feeder fighting with each other
1 American Goldfinch heard, flight call
3 Black-capped Chickadees heard calling
3 Mourning Doves flying overhead (with the neat wing noise)

Friday, April 17th:
3:20 PM (10 mins), sunny, quite windy, 67 degrees F at West Fort Ann, Hadlock Pond Rd
1 Tufted Titmouse making it's pew pew call
Bonus: 1 Gray squirrel making alarm calls and shaking it's tail while hanging on the side of a tree

Also, at 7:20 PM, I let the dogs out into the yard, and my lab immediately took off excitedly barking up the apple tree. When looking out, I saw that she wanted to grab this pudgy Blue Jay sitting on a top branch. It acted as if it couldn't fly, which made me wonder if there was a fledge nearby, but closer inspection after the bird flew away showed nothing. I heard another Blue Jay calling from a distance, just outside the boundary of the yard. I'm so glad to see them around again as they are one of my favorites.

Saturday, April 18th:
Nothing! Around noon it was dreary and cool, with rain clouds quickly moving into the Warren/Washington/Saratoga counties. The rain began around 1 PM while I was in Saratoga at the library (actually, I heard a few American robins, saw a bunch of unidentified sparrows, and watched 2 Common Grackles noisily feed from the ground) and when I pulled into the Moreau Lake State Park half an hour later, it showed that it was not going to let up. Disappointed, I drove home and worked on other things.

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